Hello …

This is somewhat of a very belated sequel to the original reallyrandomrecords , which I imagine no one ever read, why would they? I only link to it now as 6 odd years ago I decided to write a blog solely of lists, lists of different varieties were envisaged however I only really made lists of music as and when I had time or was enthused to do so.  So it had lists of music I had been listening to at certain times as well as the compulsory end of year “best of” lists. However looking back at it now, it does provide an interesting comparison to my current listening and also how I listened and what I was like at 25, well interesting to me…..

Anyway I (re)started the blog as I read about the Music Diary Project which really appealed to my fascination with not just music and my love of it but also how people interact with it and how those interactions with each other lead to discovery of new music.

This week however hasn’t panned out how I planned in any way, shape or form. An untimely illness and an eventual trip and overnight stay in hospital has drastically altered my normal routine of listening to music and also the opportunities I’ve had to listen to music.

I fully intended to write everyday and certainly was not intending on starting on a Thursday evening, I also would have have listened to a lot more music in the 4 days that have elapsed so far if it wasn’t for a series of unforeseen circumstances. However I suppose the snapshot nature of the project, a week of people’s listening and the same week for all, is designed to capture whatever circumstances they are in at that specific week.

Finally before chronicling the week so far (which I intend to do tonight and tomorrow) as I’ve put together this new blog; registering with wordpress, selecting a profile; a banner photo; a pic for this entry and also actually writing this I’ve listened to the new Lykke Li album, and iTunes has now moved on to the M.I.A mixtape “Vicki Leekx”, due to the fact I was listening to the “Recently Played” playlist and alphabetically they followed each other. The current track as I write is “Bad Girls” which has been listened to a fair bit over the last month since I got hold of the mixtape, and is a current loved track and reminded me what M.I.A is capable of after I ignored the largely derided /\/\ /\ Y /\.

The mixtape has now finished …

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