Monday 4 April 2011 – #musicdiaryproject

So by way of update of the week so far Monday’s listening started with the usual listen to the Shaun Keaveny Breakfast Show on BBC 6Music , this has been my pre-work listen since around 2006 when it was still Phil Jupitus on the Breakfast show.

Now is probably the best time to give a little background on how I listen to music.

Much to my shame I now no longer have a separate stereo after the loss of my beloved Sony separates (made in the 80’s) after Uni and after a procession of lacklustre all in one systems a burglary last year left me without a Hi-Fi (I chose not to replace it). So now I use my iMac (using JBL Alien Speakers), MacBook (very little use as the speaker is so poor), my Panansonic TV and Samsung DVD player (for the odd listen to a new album on CD) and my iPhone with either Shure EC2 Headphones or with a set of Harmon Kardon speakers in the kitchen for cooking listening. For listening to Radio I now use my iPhone through the Tunein Radio App (highly recommended).

So sadly I do a lot of my listening in front of a computer, which is located in a spare room / music room / office, so I can listen without surfing or working by siting on the bed but I do inevitably get drawn to the computer like a moth to the flame when listening, probably out of habit.

Previously in the morning I would listen to 6Music until I got out of bed and then flick to the iMac and play a selected playlist on shuffle loud enough so I could hear it all through the house whilst getting ready. However now with the iPhone app the radio is truly portable and I listen to 6Music throughout until I leave for work.

As with any radio show not all the music will catch your attention but certain tracks will, on Monday 4th April the tracks on the Shaun Keaveny which struck me were:

Belongings – Clock Opera (Single of the week, sounds like a more electronic Elbow, made mental note to search on the internet to see what they have released and when this track is available)

Daft Punk is Playing At My House – LCD Soundsystem (played in honour of their final show at Madison Square Gardens, this always sounds fantastic)

Da Funk – Daft Punk (mental note that I must buy Homework from Amazon for some reason I don’t have it!)

Stuck on the Puzzle – Alex Turner (not a huge fan of the Arctic Monkeys other than a few songs from the first album but the tunes I’ve heard from Submarine soundtrack sound fantastic so I will buy it at some point. Would love to see the movie at some point but I’ll wait for the DVD as the local Vue is (1) unreasonably priced (2) never shows any good films for longer than one week and that’s if you’re lucky but they do show the latest 3D kids’ movies on 8 screens mainly involving slightly different 3D Turtles (thanks Charlie Brooker for that one) and (3) I would rather enjoy movies in the comfort of my home nowadays rather than “share” the experience with the fellow cinema goers who I’ve had the “pleasure” of watching movies with in recent years; which is  a shame as I used to love the event of going to the cinema and the magic of the dimming lights and the projection of beautiful images on the big screen (even when I spent 18 months as a film reviewer, the impact never wore off).

Who’s In Control? – British Sea Power (probably one of my most played tracks this year due to loving it on the BSP album and also the mount of times I’ve heard it on 6Music)

The walk to work and lunchtime stroll around the shops (mainly HMV to check new releases but definitely not buying anything from there)  was the Adam and Joe 6Music podcast “Denny Different” for their return show, which included the hilarious Rebecca Black parody “Saturday”, and, as with most podcasts, made me look slightly crazy in public for random outbreaks of loud laughter.

On the way home:

Finished the Adam and Joe Podcast

Take My Hand – Matt Berry ( as in the comedian from Mighty Boosh, Darkplace, IT Crowd etc. from his new Witchhazel album which I downloaded from eMusic the other day after liking the first six tracks when listening on Spotify. Fits into a kind of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti soft rock / easy listening 70’s pop bracket, without the Lo-Fi element of Ariel Pink however.)

Usually a Monday evening at home would be looking through new releases on the internet, adding things I like to wishlists and Spotify to check out further. However this week by Monday I had started to feel rather ill so I watched a couple of films with my wife and then went to bed. I would recommend Mike Judge’s Extract, great cast (Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck, Kristen Wiig, JK Simmons), for fans of quirky American indie comedies.

However before going to bed I added the newly acquired from Rough Trade Lykke Li and Cat’s Eyes albums and listened to:

Get Some – Lykke Li (sounds like Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles and I chose it as a quick first listen as it gives me rush as soon as the drums kick in having heard it a few times on 6Music)

Cat’s Eyes – Cat’s Eyes (title track, first on the album, played one track before sleep, sounds like a good opener, certainly sounded better than their support set at Brixton for Primal Scream)

UPDATE: Of course I forgot to mention the music in the films, Hot Tub Time Machine being a film of 40 somethings re-living their youth had an 80’s soundtrack of varying quality. Die In Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew featured heavily, but the stand out track was Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order although I had Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield lodged in my head for the rest of the evening. Extract had a blues-heavy soundtrack of which I could identify literally none of the songs or artists though it went well with the movie but didn’t have me Shazamming it any point or searching IMDB or Wikipedia.

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