Tuesday 5 April 2011 – #musicdiaryproject

So for Tuesday’s music, I again listened to Shaun Keaveny Breakfast Show on 6Music, tracks I remember listening to were:

If I Can’t Change Your Mind  – Sugar

VCR – The XX

Life on Mars – David Bowie (reminded me of Karl Pilkington’s “Songs of Phrase” – “You Never See An Old Man Eating A Mars Bar”, and I had Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys for a couple hours lodged in my head as that represented the “Bar” in the aforementioned “Songs of Phrase” puzzle)

Belongings – Clock Opera (again, reminded me I must look online for more information)

Tuesday’s listening for the walk to work was to the Current – April 2011 Playlist (see below) on shuffle and featured the following tracks on the way to work:

Bad Girls – M.I.A

Idiot Rain – Banjo or Freakout

Think You Can Wait – The National ( a new single snuck out under the radar a bit, pretty good)

The Night Will Always Win – Elbow

I was too busy to go out at lunch and worked through until I left work around 7.45pm on the way home I listened to:

Shook Down – Yuck

Bloom – The Veils

The Stars Came Out Once The Lights Went Out – The Veils

Amazing and Wonderful – Peaking Lights

I can’t really remember much from when I got home in as I suddenly felt very ill and was asleep by 9pm, so didn’t watch any TV but I think I previewed the album by the Singing Adams on eMusic (it was either Tuesday or Wednesday evening) which sounded so dull that I didn’t even flag it to listen later.

Thought I should add a bit more information as regards my regular listening habits. I live around 15 minutes walk to the office, so listen to music on my iPhone on the way to work, at lunch if I fancy a walk around the town centre and then on the walk home. I generally go to work in London once a week which means I have an 1 – 1.5 hour commute each way, depending on trains, which allows for a longer listen whilst commuting. At home I’ll generally listen to music on the computer whilst surfing or working, sometimes though I’ll stick on an album on iTunes and lay back / sit on the bed and give the record 100% of my attention, the last record to receive this treatment was The King of Limbs – Radiohead.

I started the week with a listen to the new Adam and Joe podcast and podcasts have actually become something of a staple listen for the walk to work. When the Ricky Gervais podcast launched in 2005 they became a standard iPod commute to work listen, this was replaced by the Ricky Gervais audiobooks and the entire library of XFM shows I acquired.

Prior to this and once these podcasts / radio shows were exhausted the commute was generally soundtracked by Playlists created on iTunes. I make bi-monthly playlists which contain favourite songs from the two month period, mainly made up from new albums I’ve bought though sometimes from old tracks which I’ve discovered / re-discovered. I still have all these “Current” playlists stored back to 2006 which is when I shifted over to iPod and iTunes from WMP and a iRiver MP3 player. However I’ve shifted to a monthly playlist format for 2011.

I’ve included podcasts in this record of my weekly listen as although they are not music, they are central to my listening habits and unfortunately have if anything reduced the amount of music I listen to. Particularly in the last 2 years I’ve started listening to the Collings and Herring Podcasts (and many other assorted Andrew Collins and Richard Herring podcasts – 6Music / AIOTM etc.), the sheer length of their weekly podcast and the fact that I went back and listened through their back catalogue has taken up a lot of my listening time. Has my love of music diminished over this period? No if anything it has stayed the same or even increased, it just has meant that I have probably focused my listening on new records and listen less to older more familiar records. I will pick up in a later post my purchasing habits and what I spend the majority of my listening time listening to.

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