Saturday 9 April 2011 – #musicdiaryproject

Skyline, Makati, Manila - August 2010So I’m writing this Tuesday night, as on Saturday evening I wrote Friday’s mammoth entry, then Sunday was a relaxation day with no computers and then Monday I worked until gone 9pm, got home late and was in no way inclined to spend more time in front of computer.

I’ve just put on the new Metronomy album which after hearing the single on Shaun Keaveny’s Breakfast Show this morning has got me very excited and a further good review by John Mulvey on his Uncut Wild Mercury Sound blog (comparing it so summer listen in the vein of Phoenix) has prompted me to listen on Spotify.

That aside what did I listen to on Saturday and how?:

First thing I remember was waking up with Bone Machine by The Pixies in my head, as I was thinking about a visit to France on an Easter holiday with my family. My best friend at the time made me a copy of Bleach by Nirvana on tape and stuck Surfer Rosa by The Pixies on the other side to take up the blank space of the C90. At the time I was startled by such a raw and alien sound, I was firmly into Grunge (mostly Nirvana) and was beginning to veer towards a short-lived Metal phase (a small spell where Metallica were my favourite band) but this was something different and when I look back I love the way that such an important discovery was so accidental, by virtue of how music was consumed at that time.

10am I flicked on Adam and Joe’s BBC 6Music Show using the iPhone to listen through the Tunein Radio app. I had been fearing that I would miss Collins and Herring, but Adam and Joe are designed for this slot, the mix of humour and enthusiasm for music make it a great Saturday morning listen. Songs of note were:

Street Tuff – Rebel MC (just before Adam and Joe started maybe, love primitive early 90’s dance, prompted me to breakdown all the basic elements and sing these to my wife whilst we lay in bed listening)

Fascinating Rhythm – Bassomatic (prompted the exact response for Street Tuff, including singing of broken down individual parts)

Month of May – Arcade Fire (danced whilst lying in bed)

Intergalactic – Beastie Boys

Battery Kinzie – Fleet Foxes

Caught In My Shadow – Wonder Stuff (always love hearing early 90’s indie)

Summer Madness – Kool & The Gang (the one that forms the basis of Summertime by Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff, the bassline just makes you feel like it’s a sweltering day outside)

Blitzkreig Bop – The Ramones (I had “Hey-Ho Let’s Go” ringing through my head for a good two hours after)

We then prepared for a picnic , visited the bookies, went to the park, ate the picnic, headed back to watch the Grand National during which time I heard no music other than snippets from a few car windows which were down due to the beauty of the day but I was unable to tell what any songs were. The Grand National had some music on the coverage leading up to the race but either I wasn’t sure what it was or if I did know I didn’t remember it.

Then after having picked horses finishing 1, 2 and  4 headed back to the bookies to pick up the winnings (£55 from £20 bet, good but not a career and the guy on the till knowingly said “see you next year” which raised a smile) I sat in front of the computer to write Friday’s blog and as is the norm put some music on (using iTunes).

First I played Carnival of Light by Ride as after having From Time To Time in my head the previous day I had promised myself I would listen to the whole album. It was as good as I remembered it and actually underrated, probably as it was something of a departure from their previous records. When it came out I hadn’t heard much late 60’s / early 70’s Stones or The Faces so it was new and fresh and in a way it still sounds like that as I heard this first no matter how derivative it is. Also, to me, Birdman and Moonlight Medicine are dense, psychedelic and wonderful and remind of a sweltering summer, listening with my windows wide open looking at a spectacular view and also strangely watching World Cup 94 (the last good World Cup). When Carnival of Light ended iTunes played Leave Them All Behind and Twisterella and it would have been wrong to turn either off.

After Ride I turned to Warren Zevon as I was writing about Funny People and downloaded the track Keep Me In You Heart, the download failed so I turned to Spotify to listen.

I then stuck on The Veils new EP  Troubles of the Brain EP, I was still writing, I chose it as I love this record.

However whilst writing about Friday Night Dinner I jumped after 3 tracks of The Veils EP and listened to I Hot Those – Casio KidsMeddle – Little BootsAnimal (Punks Jump Up Remix) – Miike Snow all on Spotify and then dowloaded Casio Kids on eMusic and listened again.

Casio Kids led into Cats Eye’s – Cat’s Eyes alphabetically and I listened to the first five tracks as it sounded really good.  However I was writing about Later with Jools Holland and decided to listen to King of Spain – Tallest Man On Earth which led into Love Is All. I put the final touches to Friday’s entry and went back to the final 3 songs on Troubles of the Brain EP – The Veils.

That was it for Saturday, I watched some TV and don’t remember any music heard incidentally.

UPDATE: Metronomy was a little bit disappointing, however Alexi Murdoch has a new album out, which was a complete surprise after 5 years and it sounds amazing.

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