Monday 7 May 2012 – #musicdiary2

Recession Hits Glastonbury

Bit late on writing the blog for the music diary project this year, as I’m currently writing this on the Sunday 13 May. Also noticed that I haven’t actually written any further entries since last year and also never wrote up Sunday for the music diary project 2011!

So anyway music listening on Monday:

Very light for listening to music as had the family visiting for the Bank Holiday.

Although as my alarm went off at 7am (as it was a Monday and I forgot to turn off) I put on the Shaun Keaveny Breakfast Show on BBC 6Music to have in the back ground as I slumbered. Consulting the playlist from his website, the following was on when I was listening which I took note of:

Word Up – Cameo

Take It Easy – Eagles

National Express- Divine Comedy

Watched the Homeland finale, which had some miscellaneous Jazz and original score music in it, something sounded like Terminal 7 by  Tomasz Stanko Quintet and I tried to Shazam the music over the closing credits but it came up blank, must try and find that song.

Then I slept on the sofa for 4 hours, watched  Justified which had some blues song in a scene between Boyd and Limehouse which I liked.

That was it.

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