Tuesday 8 May 2012 – musicdiary2012#

Was hoping to listen to more today, particularly as my My Bloody Valentine Reissues arrived from Amazon, but unfortunately was very busy at work which meant I was limited to listening on the way in and then again on the way back on my iPhone.

I selected for the journey in my Current Playlist for May and June 2o12, which is a combination of favourite new tracks from new release records I have recently bought, tracks off reissues /   newly discovered old records I have recently bought and tracks from records I have been revisiting. I have been making these playlists for 6 years now since I got my first iPod. Two months worth usually gives me 60-70 tracks by the end of the period which is unite an eclectic mix and a nice record of what I was listening to at that time.

So tracks listened to today were:

Way to work at 8.30am

Spiritualized – I Am What I Am

Lee Ranaldo – Tomorrow Never Comes

Allo Darlin’ – My Sweet Friend

Django Django – Introduction

Way home from work at 10pm:

Moonface – Heartbreaking Bravery

Howlin Rain – Can’t Satisfy Me Now

The Jesus and Mary Chain – All Things Must Pass

I did after getting home and eating dinner at 10:30pm (never fun or good for you) rip the MBV reissued and put them on my iPhone so had them for listening the next day to listen to whilst travelling up to London for a meeting. In doing this I decided to listen to one track as (1) I didn’t want to soil the experience of listening all the way through and (2) MBV at 11:.30pm won’t put you in the mood for sleep. The track I selected was You Made Me Realise, as it isn’t something I own or have as an MP3 and you don’t hear it on the radio or in clubs that often, so haven’t heard it much or in a long day.

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