Wednesday – 9 May 2012 musicdiary2012#

Had a meeting in London today so had 1 hour plus commute on the 7.15am train, which suited me as I had the new My Bloody Valentine reissues to devour. What didn’t suit me was the horrific congested standing conditions, made me glad that I usually have a 15 minute walk to the office.

I selected Loveless on my iPhone first, the Digital Remaster (or so I thought until Nick Southall’s blog directed me to this the next day so it appears it was the Analogue Remaster).

Loveless is a record I would say I have always admired rather than loved, but this week (and I’ll write more about this followed repeated listens) I’ve enjoyed Loveless more than ever before and now (nearly) understand what the fuss is about. Even without it being a record I’ve regularly listen to or listened to a lot of in the past, every track was familiar, Soon and Sometimes in particular are tracks I had in playlists for my 3 month sabbatical in South East Asia. For the first the however standing on a crowded commuter train it genuinely clicked into place, like a picture coming into focus through  a viewfinder, or with Loveless a deliberately out of focus picture which looks great.

After Loveless I listened to Disc 1 of EP’s 1988 – 1991 by My Bloody Valentine, or most of it, I got to the EP version of Soon just as I arrived at my destination. Unlike the previous listens these were not tracks I was overfamiliar with but whilst walking and taking the Tube they sounded great at 8am.

After my meeting we went fro drinks in a pub and a bar, some music was playing but have to say thinking now I can’t remember for the life of me what was played.

On return to Reading and for my walk home I went back to EP’s 1988 – 1991 by My Bloody Valentine, however Glider after a 6am start following 2-3 hours sleep and a view glasses of red wine just sounded way too harsh for my tired head so I flicked to my The National playlist on my iPhone and listened to:

Runaway – The National

Terrible Love – The National

London  – The National

As a postscrip to the day after watching The Apprentice, I vaguely listened to the first 3 tracks from The Cribs new album In the Belly of the Brazen Bull. I’m not a big fan and actually downloaded from eMusic by mistake as I had meant to save it for later and maybe check it out following the good Drowned In Sound review. From what I heard of it it’s likely that I won’t be a fan anytime soon.

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